Songs of the Great War

This first medley – called “Songs of the Great War” – brings together some of the most popular tunes played, sung and performed by the men and women of the time – in the trenches and on the various home fronts.




Rob Wiffin, Professor of Conducting at Ministry of Defence, arranged this short medley. It runs 8 mins and comprises the following well known songs:

Medley Sheet Music

You can download the sheet music for free by going to the following site:

You can also purchase the printed sheet music from the following site:



Learn a little more about the origins of the songs that make up our first medley

 It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

 Your King and Country Want You

 Good By-ee

 Oh! It’s a Lovely War

 Hello! Hello! Who’s Your Lady Friend

 Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty

 Mademoiselle from Armentieres

 There’s a Long, Long Trail A-winding

 If You Were the Only Girl in the World

 Pack Up Your Troubles (In Your Old Kit Bag)

 Old Soldiers Never Die/Last Post


Listen to the medley, as performed by The Amersham Band:


Download a list of copyright owners of songs included in Medley






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