Harry Fragson was born Leon Philippe Pot in Soho London. He was a British music hall singer and comedian and wrote the music to a number of successful performances in England before he moved to Paris where he created an act imitating French music hall performers.

In 1905 he returned to London and was very popular in pantomime. He wrote the music for this song which is perhaps what he become best known for. He recorded the song in 1913, shortly before his untimely demise when he was shot dead by his father.

Worton David was one of the few successful songwriters who was smart enough to create his own publishing company.  He was a co-founder of the performing rights society. He teamed up with Bert Lee to write the lyrics to “Hello, Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend”.

Bert Lee went on to have a very successful writing partnership with R.P Weston with whom he wrote over 200 songs including skits, pantomimes and sketches.

The chorus of the song was written for audience participation:

Hello! Hello! Who’s your lady friend?
Who’s the little girlie by your side?
I’ve seen you with a girl or two.
Oh! Oh! Oh! I am, surprised at you;
Hello! Hello! Stop your little games.
Don’t you think your ways
You ought to mend?
It isn’t the girl I saw you with at Uvongo
Who? Who? Who’s your lady friend?


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