There is a little confusion as to who wrote this song. Officially the origination of the words and music is attributed as anonymous. However, another line of thought is that it was written in 1917 by J.P. Long and Maurice Scott.

“Oh, It’s a Lovely War,” was popularized during the First World War by male impersonator and music hall star Ella Shields. The song with its rousing and patriotic overtones was a humorous and effective means of raising morale during the grisly war and remained popular well into World War II. However, the lyrics are also wonderfully ironic which reflected one of Britain’s great attributes when having to cope with the appalling conditions the soldiers endured.  It was also sung by Courtland & Jeffries who also sung a number of WW1 songs

The song has been featured in many musicals and films, not the least of which was the 1969 film “Oh, What a Lovely War” which was based on the 1963 musical of the same name. “Oh, It’s a Lovely War” was the centre-piece of “Oh, What a Lovely War” and served as a show-stopping number.


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